Remembering the Soviet Afghan war

Aleksandr Kovalyov, Afghan war veteran, First Deputy Chairman, Central Administration, RUAWV, First Deputy Chairman, Central Administration, Russian Union of Afghan War Veterans

1956 - Born in Smolensk Region
1980 - Graduates, Novosibirsk Higher Military-Political College
1987 - Fights in Afghan war
1992 - Graduates, Humanitarian Military-Political Academy of Armed Forces
1998 - Head, Moscow Organizations’ Union of local war veterans and war conflicts
2001 - Deputy, Moscow State Duma
2004 - Graduates, Russian Academy of State Service under the Russian president
2003 - First deputy chairman, central administration, Russian Union of Afghan war veterans

On February 15, 1989, the Soviet Union finished the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan. The Soviet military presence in this Central Asian country lasted almost ten years and cost the lives of almost 15,000 Soviet servicemen. 20 years on the war in Afghanistan still rages on – this time between the NATO coalition and mujaheddin movement known as the Taliban.
We’ll be talking about the Afghan war with its eyewitness and veteran Aleksandr Kovalyov, who is also the First Deputy Chairman of the Central Administration of the Russian Union of Afghan War Veterans.