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Releasing businesses from a bureaucratic prison

Sergey Borisov, President, All-Russian Nongovernmental Organisation of Small and Medium Business

1953 - Born in Moscow region
1978 - Graduates, Bauman Moscow State University of Technology
1990 - Case study course, Harvard Business School
1991 - Graduates, Academy of Foreign Trade
1992 - Advisor, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, Austria
1992 - Advisor, Foreign Policy Association, Moscow
1993 - President, Hermes Moscow
1997 - President, Moscow Fuel Association
1998 - President, Russian Fuel Union
2002 - President, All-Russian Nongovernmental Organisation of Small and Medium Business Opora Russia
2008 - Deputy Chairman, Government Commission on Development of Small and Medium Enterprise

Vladimir Semago, Businessman

1947 - Born in Moscow
1973 - Graduates, Kuibyshev Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering
1977 - Economist, State Committee on Foreign Tourism
1979 - Graduates, Academy of External Trade, External Trade Ministry of the USSR
1993 - State Duma Deputy
1997 - Head, State Duma Commission on Corruption
2006 - President, PC Energoprom closed joint-stock company
2006 - State Duma Deputy

Sergey Borisov, President of the Russian Organisation of Small Business, and businessman and prominent public figure – Vladimir Semago. On the 26th of May Russia marks the Day of entrepreneurship. Why do Russian businessmen need a special holiday? How do they feel the rest of year?