Rasputin takes centre stage

Composer, Jay Reise

1950 - Born in New York City
1970 - Begins composition studies
1972 - Graduates, Hamilton College
1972 - Pursues composition studies, McGill University
1975 - Receives Master’s degree, University of Pennsylvania
1978 - Symphony of Voices premiered at Monadnock Festival
1980 - Second Symphony premiered by the Syracuse Symphony, performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra
1983 - Third Symphony premiered by Keene, performed by the Long Island Philharmonic
1988 - Opera “Rasputin” commissioned and premiered by New York City Opera
1989 - Professor of music, University of Pennsylvania
1997 - “The Selfish Giant,” commissioned and premiered by the Philharmonia Orchestra, London
2008 - “Rasputin” Russian premiere, Helikon Opera, Moscow

Today we will talk about music. An opera called ‘Rasputin’ was premiered by the New York City Opera in 1988. This week the opera opened in Moscow. Why did an American composer decide to dedicate his music to such a controversial character of Russian history? Composer Jay Reise is the guest in our studio today.