Aleksandr Nevsky, actor/producer

1971 - Born in Moscow
1986 - Starts working out, which leads to a bodybuilding career
1994 - Graduates, State Management Academy majoring in business management.            
 also has Ph.D. in Economics.
1995 - Receives “Mr.World” bodybuilding title
1996 - Coordinates his first Russian magazine about martial arts and bodybuilding
1999 - Moves to Los Angeles, USA
2001 - Stars in his first Hollywood movie “Undisputed”
2002 - Films second action movie "Red serpent"
2003 - Produces and stars in his third movie, “Moscow heat”
2005 - Produces and stars in “The treasure raiders”
2006 - Publishes the 'Fitness encyclopedia'

People call him the “Russian Schwarzenegger”. He is one of the adventurers who tried to conquer American cinema and starred in several Hollywood action movies. Why Russian actors are not welcome at the “Dream Factory”? What are the main difficulties which Russian actors face on their way to the American cinema? Aleksandr Nevsky, a bodybuilder and an actor is on Spotlight to tell us more.