Policing the internet: safe surfing or trespass

Anton Nosik, Social Media Evangelist, SUP

1966 - Born in Moscow
1989 - Graduates, School of dental medicine, Moscow State University
1996 - Presenter, Evening Internet Weblog
1998 - Founder, Gazeta.ru news website
1999 - Editor-in-chief, Lenta.ru Information Agency
1999 - Co-founder, Netoscope
1999 - Founder, Vesti.ru internet newspaper
2000 - Founder, Newsru.com
2001 - President and CEO, Rambler Internet Search Engine
2003 - Founder, Mosnews.com, English language information agency
2003 - Founder, Cursor information agency, Israeli news
2005 - Founder, Pomogi.org charity
2006 - Chief blogging officer, SUP
2008 – Social media evangelist, SUP

As the worldwide web becomes larger involving more and more people, it poses several questions for lawmakers as well as ordinary people. What is the internet: a realm of unlimited freedom of communication, or a form of ordinary, law-abiding mass media like any other? Should market relations rule in this realm? Anton Nosik, the founder of the Rambler search engine is in our studio today to answer these questions.