Pam Mendelsohn, a Disability Rights Movement Activist, writer, psychologist and photographer

Pam Mendelsohn

1944 - Born in New Heaven, Connecticut
1966 - Graduates, Connecticut College for Women
1968 - Publicist, Macmillan Books, New York
1978 - Receives Masters in Psychology, Humboldt State University, California
1993 - Joins World Institute on Disability to lead workshops
2000 - Guest curator, exhibition based on Arnold Arboretum's historical photographs, entitled 'The Nature of Things'
2005 - Starts work on 'Building Bridges' project, Moscow
Until ten years ago, Pam Mendelsohn's primary mode of expression was writing. She has published two books for women who want to go back into education. She has also written articles on a wide variety of topics for numerous publications. However, Mendelsohn has constantly used photography in both her private and professional life. The kitchen, in her New York home, has served up more photographs than calories! Mendelsohn is best known for her images of objects, street 'seens', and still life. She has had a lifelong fascination with mannequins and cemeteries, which can be clearly seen in her work. Mendelsohn quipped that her undergraduate degree in philosophy helped her when she became a publicist in 1968, in New York. She has been involved with the disability rights movement for 25 years and made 13 trips to the former Soviet Union to lead workshops on how to use the media as an instrument for social change.
Spotlight is focusing on inclusive education. How effective is this method? Is there a special juridical basis for this kind of education and what is its future in Russia? Pam Mendelsohn, a Disability Rights Movement Activist, writer, psychologist and photographer, is on Spotlight to tell us more.