Our man in London

Seva Novgorodtsev, Radio presenter, BBC Russian Service

1940 – Born in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg)
1957 – Studies, Leningrad Higher Engineering Marine Academy
1975 – Leaves the USSR
1977 – Moves to London
1977 – Joins BBC Russian Service
1977 – Presenter, pop music radio programme broadcast from London, BBC Russian Service
1980 – Founder, Russian Roulette Records Ltd
1982 – Editor, featured programmes, BBC
1987 – Presenter, Sevaoborot rock music programme, BBC Russian Service
2005 – Awarded member of the Order of the British Empire

President Medvedev will be arriving in London for an April 2 summit. The relations between the two nations have been marred by controversies and tensions. Many of them had their roots in London's Russian community, which has grown considerably over the last decade. One of the oldest members of this community, Seva Novgorodtsev, who has instilled the interest in Britain to generations of Russians, is the guest in our studio today.