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OPEC: Controlling oil prices

OPEC Secretary General, Abdalla Salem El-Badri

1940 - Born in Ghamminis, Libya
1963 - Graduates in accounting and business administration, Florida Southern, U.S.
1965 - Joins ESSO Standard (now ExxonMobil)
1977 - Member, board of directors, Umm Al-Jawabi oil company
1980 - Chairman, Waha oil company
1983 - Chairman, National Oil Corporation
1987 - Chairman, board of directors, Arab Petroleum Services Company
1990 - Secretary of the People's Committee for Petroleum (Minister of Petroleum)
1993 - Secretary of the General People's Committee for Energy (Minister of Energy and Electricity)
1994 - President, OPEC Conference
1994 - Secretary General of OPEC
1996 - President, OPEC Conference
1998 - President, Organisation of the Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries
2000 - Chairman, National Oil Corporation
2000 - Deputy Secretary of the General People's Committee of Libya for Services (Deputy Prime Minister for Services)
2002 - Deputy Secretary of the General People's Committee of Libya (Deputy Prime Minister)
2004 - Chairman, National Oil Corporation
2005 - Chairman, Board of Libya Oil Invest
2007 - Secretary General, Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries

Today Spotlight examines the state of the world economy. Its relationship with the oil industry is paramount and experts say that OPEC can alleviate the financial crisis by reducing prices. All it takes is to increase production. But OPEC seems to want to do the opposite. Our guest, OPEC Secretary General Abdalla Salem El-Badri, explains the organisation’s strategy.