Olympic Sochi

Anatoly Pakhomov, Acting Mayor of Sochi

1960 - Born in Krasnodar region
1983 - Graduates, Kuban Agricultural Institute
1985 - Secretary, scientific experimental farm, CPSU party committee
1989 - First secretary, Krasnodar city committee, youth communist league
1991 - Deputy general director, Apiks agricultural machinery service
1996 - Deputy general director, Kuban bread production
1997 - Head, consumer market and price policy department, Krasnodar city hall
1999 - Receives PhD in economics
2000 - Vice mayor of Krasnodar
2001 - Head of administration, state retail inspection, Krasnodar region
2004 - Head, resort and tourism complex development department, Krasnodar regional administration
2005 - Receives doctorate in engineering sciences
2005 - Acting mayor of Anapa
2006 - Mayor of Anapa
2009 - Vice mayor of Sochi
2009 - Acting mayor of Sochi

The preparations for the 2014 winter Olympics are underway. But the global financial crisis must be making itself felt in Sochi like elsewhere. How much? We’ll be asking this and other questions to newly appointed Acting Mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov.