Oleg Smirnov, Honored Pilot of the USSR, President, "Partner of Civil Aviation" Foundation

1940 - Born in Karaganda
1960 - Graduates, Siberia Military Aviation College for pilots
1967 - Graduates, Kazakh State University
1972 - Graduates, Academy of Civil Aviation
1974 - First Deputy Head, Latvian civil aviation Administration, Riga
1977 - Head, Estonian civil aviation Administration, Tallinn
1983 - Deputy civil aviation Minister of the USSR, Moscow
1987 - Graduates, Academy of National Economy under USSR Council of Ministers
1991 - General representative, Aeroflot, Helsinki
1996 - Deputy General Director, “Als” aviation leasing company, Moscow
2000 - Advisor to the Board of Directors' Chairman, “East Line”
2006 - President, “Partner of civil aviation” foundation

According to statistics four out of five recent air crashes in Russia have been caused by human fault. Many experts say that pilots' skills are steadily getting lower. Why? And may the state do something about it? We will discuss the current situation in Russian civil aviation with a professional, a man, who holds the title of "The honored pilot of the USSR" - Oleg Smirnov.