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Nord-Ost: three days of horror

Modest Silin, Hostage, Nord-Ost siege, 2002

1969 - Born In Moscow
1991 - Graduates, Moscow Medical Dental Institute
1996 - Practising dentist 
2002 - Hostage, Nord-Ost siege

Today we will be talking about Nord-Ost, the 2002 Moscow theater hostage crisis. On October 23, a terrorist group, 42 heavily-armed men and women, took some 850 people hostage in a packed Moscow theatre. The crisis held the whole nation in a state of shock for three days and ended up on the 26th, with a violent assault by special security forces. All the terrorists were killed and around 130 hostages died as the security forces stormed the Nord-Ost theatre building. Our guest in the studio today is one of the survivors, doctor Modest Silin.

Modest Silin was born in Moscow. From an early age, he dreamt about becoming a doctor. In 1991 Modest realised his ambition and graduated from the Moscow Medical Dental Institute. However it wasn't until the 2002 Nord-Ost theatre siege in Moscow that he realised that he wanted to help people more so then just in a medical way. Modest was one of 850 people held hostage at the theatre for three days. Recalling many dreadful memories, he says that calling his brother in Germany to say goodbye whilst still inside the theatre was one of the hardest conversations he had ever had.