Nikolay Uskov, the Editor-in-Chief of the Russian version of GQ magazine

Nikolay Uskov
Editor-in-Chief, GQ Russia

1970 - Born in Moscow
1992 - Graduates, Faculty of History, Moscow State University
1992 - Lecturer, Department of the History of the Middle Ages, Moscow State University
2000 - Editor, website, Independent Media
2001 - Editor-in-Chief, Men’s Health magazine
2003 - Editor-in-Chief, GQ Russia
Nikolay Uskov mixes with glamourous circles in Russia. Being the editor-in-chief of the Russian version of GQ magazine, he is seen at many social gatherings in Moscow. After graduating from the history faculty at Moscow State University, Nikolay lectured in the Department of History of the Middle Ages. His career path to the glossy pages of GQ, was through another men’s magazine, “Men’s Health” where he was also the editor-in-chief. He believes in the new elite ideology, which states: “There are no rightists or leftists, there are winners and losers.” He also proposed the introduction of a new glamour currency, for example, one vogue. When Nikolay attended the Russian Economic forum in London, he was one of the leaders of the “Glamour as a national ideal of Russia” round table discussion.”
The annual Russian Economic Forum is being held in London this weekend. The event is in its tenth year and the Russian business community and UK politicians are set to discuss pressing issues. How has Russia changed in the last decade will be one of the main questions. Nikolay Uskov, the Editor-in-Chief of the Russian version of GQ magazine, is on Spotlight to tell us more.