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Nazar Aliyan, Gaza resident and witness of the conflict

1963 - Born in Gaza
1989 - Graduates, Volgograd Polytechnic Institute
1994 - Returns to Palestine
1996 - Returns to Russia, studies for PHD, Volgograd Polytechnic Institute
1998 - Teaches, Technical Institute, Gaza
2000 - Journalist and Correspondent, Gaza
2007 - Correspondent, RIA Novosti News Agency, Palestine

In June of 2007 in Palestine a bloody conflict broke out between Hamas and Fatah, which resulted in hundreds people killed and wounded and in Hamas taking control of the Gaza strip. Palestine now is divided between the Hamas-controlled Gaza strip and the Fatah-controlled West bank, and the animosity between parties is not going to abate. What are the causes of Palestinian in-fight? How does the every day life pf Palestinians look like? What awaits Palestine? To answer these questions our guest is Gaza resident and witness of the conflict, Nazar Aliyan.