NATO: Russia's perspective

Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s Ambassador to NATO

1963 - Born in Moscow
1986 - Graduates, Moscow State University
1988 - Graduates, Marxism-Leninism University
1990 - First vice president, RAU-Corporation scientific research and educational organisation
1990 - President, Young Political Leaders of Russia Association, Forum-90
1993 - Founder and Head, International Congress of Russian Communities
1996 - PhD in philosophy, Moscow State University
1997 - State Duma deputy
2003 - Chairman, Rodina (Motherland) electoral bloc
2004 - Chairman, State Duma Committee on International Affairs
2007 - Russian representative to NATO

Today’s guest once said: “Nato justifies its expansion to the East by the menace coming from the South. Maybe their compass has gone wrong? Russia can help, it has a good one.” Later he was appointed Russia’s Ambassador to Nato. But the first thing the new Ambassador gave as a present to the Nato Secretary General when he arrived to Brussels was not a compass, but a tomahawk. Dmitry Rogozin is our guest.