NATO-Russia: sharing common interests

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO Secretary General

1953 – Born in Ginnerup, Jutland, Denmark
1974 – National Chairman, Liberal Youth of Denmark
1978 – Graduates, University of Aarhus
1978 – Member of the Danish Parliament representing the Liberal Party
1984 – Member, Management Committee of the Liberal Party
1987 – Danish Minister for Taxation
1990 – Minister for Economic Affairs, Conservative-Liberal Coalition Government
1992 – Spokesman, Liberal Party, Denmark
1993 – Vice Chairman, Economic and Political Affairs Committee
1998 – Chairman, Liberal Party and Vice Chairman, Foreign Policy Board
2001 – Prime Minister of Denmark
2001 – Forms Liberal Party and Conservative People’s Party Coalition Government
2009 – NATO Secretary General

NATO and Russia have agreed to review common security challenges of the 21st century, identifying Afghanistan, terrorism, piracy, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction as primary issues.
On the eve of his visit to Moscow, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen will join us via satellite link from the NATO Headquarters in Brussels.