Natalya Owen, charity founder

1952 - Born in Kazakhstan region
1974 - Graduates, Minsk State Institute of Foreign Languages
1975 - French teacher, Minsk region
1977 - Research fellow, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Academy of Sciences, Uzbekistan
1986 - Research fellow, Institute of Bio-Organic Chemistry, Academy of Sciences, Uzbekistan
1989 - Moves to Hawaii, USA
1991 - Founder and president, Russian community, Hawaii, USA
1996 - Member, Council department, Hawaii, USA
1998 - Honorary consul general of the Russian Federation, Hawaii
2000 - Chairwoman, Board of directors, International charity foundation “Children of Russia” Hawaii, USA

Before the Bolshevik revolution Russia was famous for its benefactors. One of them was Pavel Tretyakov, a world famous merchant and the founder of Tretyakov picture gallery. What should be done to restore the tradition and how is it to be a benefactor in modern-day Russia? Our guest to answer these questions is a founder of the international charity foundation “Children of Russia”, the president of Russian community and an honorary councillor-general of Russian Federation in Hawaii – Natasha Owen.