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My parents were killed during Idi Amin’s rule

Barteka Sam Sakajja,
Ugandan Ambassador to the Russian Federation

1948 - Born in Uganda
1971 - Studies at Makerere University, Uganda
1971 - Moves to Moscow
1977 - Graduates, Moscow Friendship University
1979 - PhD in international law, Moscow Friendship University
1980 - Returns to Uganda
1980 - Elected member of Ugandan Parliament
1982 - Ugandan representative to the UN
1982 - Chairman, UN General Assembly
1985 - Moves to Sweden
1986 - Lecturer, University of Stockholm
2005 - Ugandan ambassador to the Russian Federation

His parents died as a result of the bloody dictatorship of Idi Amin. Nearly 300,000 died under his rule. The current Ugandan Ambassador to Russia, Barteka Sam Sakajja, managed to escape death when he was just a little boy. The Pearl of Africa, as Uganda used to be known, escaped the bloody dictatorship and now its oil and diamond reserves are seen as the stepping stones to a brighter future. Barteka sam Sakajja joins us in the studio to tell us more.