Multi-cultural dialogue: role of the media

Prominent Israeli Journalist, Ben-Dror Yemini

1954 - Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel
1971 - Serves in the army
1981 - Graduates, Tel-Aviv University
1981 - Advisor to Minister of Immigration and Absorption
1984 - Receives Masters Degree in law, Tel-Aviv University
1984 - Spokesman, Ministry of Immigration and Absorption
1984 - Embarks on career as a columnist
1984 - Begins practicing law
1991 - Observer and columnist, Maariv daily newspaper, Israel
2002 - Opinion-Editor, Maariv daily newspaper, Israel
2008 - Columnist, Maariv daily newspaper, Israel

Today we will talk about the role of the media in a multi-cultural dialogue. The debate on this issue is being held in Moscow on Tuesday. What is the reason to discuss the issue now? Which role do the media play in building, and destroying, bridges between nations and cultures? We’ll be talking about it with prominent Israeli Journalist Ben-Dror Yemini.