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Medvedev’s presidency: First conclusions

Nikolay Svanidze, Journalist, Historian, Publicist, Member, Russian Public Chamber

1955 - Born in Moscow
1977 - Graduates, Moscow State University
1977 - Joins institute of U.S. and Canadian Studies, USSR Academy of Sciences
1991 - Works in Russian Television
1996 - Deputy chairman, All-Russian State Television and Radio Company
1997 - Chairman, All-Russian State Television and Radio Company
2005 - Member, Russian Public Chamber
2008 - Publishes book about Dmitry Medvedev called "Medvedev"

Today we will talk about the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Almost half a year has passed since he was sworn in as President. Since then he has had to face many serious challenges. Recently, the well-known Russian journalist Nikolay Svanidze wrote a book about him. So who is Mr Medvedev? Nikolay Svanidze is the guest in our studio today.