Medvedev’s coalition for the future: who are they?

Igor Yurgens, Head of the Institute of Contemporary Development

1952 – Born in Moscow
1974 – Graduated, Moscow State University
1980 - Officer of International Relations Department, UNESCO
1991 - Department Chairman, General Confederation of Trade Unions, Moscow
1996 – Chairman, Board of Directors, MESCO, Moscow
2000 – Member of Expert Council for Insurance and Non-State Pensions of the Russian Federation State Duma
2001 – Vice President and Executive Secretary, Russia Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

Recently President-elect Dmitry Medvedev presented his economic think-tank. Most likely, it is the group of people who will determine the new administration's economic policy for the next 4 years. They are called - the "Institute of Contemporary Development". Our guest in our studio today is the head of this Institute, Igor Yurgens.