Medvedev visits Latin America

Vladimir Semago, Businessman, Vice President, Russia-Venezuela Business Council
1947 - Born in Moscow
1973 - Graduates, Kuibyshev Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering
1977 - Economist, State Committee on Foreign Tourism
1979 - Graduates, Academy of External Trade, External Trade Ministry of the USSR
1993 - State Duma deputy
1997 - Head, State Duma commission on corruption
2006 - President, PC Energoprom closed joint-stock company
2006 - State Duma deputy

Anna Arutunyan, Journalist

1980 - Born in Moscow
1987 - Moves to the U.S.
2002 - Graduates, New York University
2003 - Observer, Konservator weekly, Moscow
2003 - Researcher, Foundation for Effective Politics, Moscow
2004 - Joins Moscow News Weekly
2008 - Correspondent, Moscow News Weekly

Boosting bilateral trade and technical co-operation between Russia and Latin America is the priority for the Russian president. But this tour has an important political and military component. Why has Russia intensified its activity in Latin America? Is Moscow looking for new strategic partners overseas? We’ll be discussing it with businessman Vladimir Semago, the Vice President of the Russia-Venezuela Business Council, and journalist Anna Arutunyan.