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Medvedev-Putin tandem: will a "diarchy" work?

Vladimir Ryzhkov, Independent politician and historian

1966 - Born in Altay Region
1985 - Serves in Soviet Army
1990 - Graduates, Altay State University
1990 - Teaches history, Altay State University
1991 - Deputy Administration Head, Altay Region
1993 - State Duma deputy
1996 - Deputy Chairman, State Duma Committee on Federal Affairs and Regional Policies
1996 - Deputy Chairman, “Our Home-Russia” parliamentary faction
1997 - First Deputy Chairman, State Duma Federal Assembly of Russia
1999 - Head, “Our Home-Russia” parliamentary faction
2005 - Joins political council of the Republican Party
2006 - Co-Chairman, Political Council of the Republican Party

Vladimir Pligin, member, United Russia political party

1960 - Born in Vologda Region
1982 - Graduates, Leningrad State University
1987 - Receives PhD in law
1996 - Advocate, Moscow Regional Bar Association
2003 - State Duma deputy, Federal Assembly of Russia
2003 - Advocate status suspended due to State Duma election
2006 - Chairman, Constitutional Law and Nation Building Committee, State Duma

Vladimir Putin has swapped the presidency for the prime minister's post after stepping down to leave the Kremlin for Dmitry Medvedev. While the two have promised to share power, how this power tandem will function is anybody's guess. To discuss this issue, our guests today are the independent politician and historian Vladimir Ryzhkov and a member of the United Russia political party Vladimir Pligin.