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Learning to live in Russia

Cynthia Gordon, co-author, Russia For Beginners

1962 - Born in India
1985 - Graduates, Brighton University
1993 - Joins British Telecom
1998 - Marketing director, ACC International, AT&T
2000 - Marketing director, Demon/Scottish Telecom
2001 - Marketing director for the UK, Orange
2003 - Vice president of business marketing, Orange
2007 - Chief marketing officer, MTS
2008 - Global brand chief, MTS

Stuart Lawson, co-author, Russia For Beginners

1954 - Born in London
1975 - Graduates, Pembroke College, Oxford University
1995 - President, Citibank Russia
2000 - First senior adviser and then chairman, Deltabank
2000 - Senior adviser at Actis PLC on businesses in Mexico, India, Uganda, Nigeria and Cuba
2003 - Director of external relations, Trust Bank
2004 - Chairman, bank Soyuz
2006 - Nominated in the “Russian bankers of the year” category for two years running
2008 - Member, supervisory board, Russian Regional Bankers Association
2008 - CEO, HSBC Russia

A group of Moscow expats has just published the long-awaited guide for foreigners about Russia – “Russia for Beginners: A Foreigner’s Guide to Russia.” The target readership of the book is expats who might need to be guided through the difficult period of adjustment to the peculiarities of Russian life and business. Two of the book’s authors, Cynthia Gordon and Stuart Lawson, are the guests in our studio today.