Latvia goes east?

Vice Mayor of Riga, Ainars Slesers

1970 – Born in Riga
1989 – Graduates, Riga Industrial College
1991 – Moves to Norway
1991 – Norwegian Christian Higher School
1992 – President, joint Latvian Norwegian enterprise, Latvian Information and Trade centre
1993 – President, Skandi Ltd.
1994 – General director, Varner Baltija Ltd.
1996 – General director, Varner Hakon Invest Ltd.
1996 – General director, Rimi Baltija Ltd.
1998 – Latvian Economics Minister
2002 – Co-founder, Latvia’s first party
2002 – Deputy head of Latvian government
2004 – Latvian Communications Minister
2009 – Vice mayor of Riga

Today we will talk about Latvia. Russia’s relations with this country have been rather tense, mostly due to the condition of its Russian-speaking minority. But something is changing. Ethnic Russian Nil Ushakov has been elected mayor of Riga, and the vice-mayor of this city is on his visit to Moscow. Today Ainars Slesers is our guest in the studio.