Kosovo: one year on

Edward Lozansky, President, American University, Moscow

1943 - Born in Kiev
1960 - Graduates, Moscow Institute of Physics and Engineering
1969 - PhD in theoretical and mathematical physics, Moscow Institute of Atomic Energy
1969 - Nuclear physicist, leading research institutions, Moscow
1971 - Professor of physics, Military Tank Academy, Moscow
1975 - Loses research and teaching positions for publicly criticising Soviet foreign and domestic policy
1976 - Moves to the U.S.
1977 - Lecturer, university of Rochester, New York and American University, Washington, D.C.
1981 - Founder and president, World Russian Forum
1990 - Founder and president, American University, Moscow

Aleksey Kuzmin, Chairman, Advisory Board, National Prospects Foundation

1956 - Born in Moscow
1980 - Graduates, Moscow Power Engineering Institute
1985 - Receives PhD in structural mechanics, Moscow Institute for Land Reclamation
1993 - Postgraduate studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
1994 - Research director, International Institute for Humanities and Political Studies
1995 - Cultural studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
1997 - Vice president, Russian constitutionalist union
1997 - Vice president, Political Sciences League
1998 - Professor, Russian State University for Humanities
2000 - Chair of the board, Russian political experts and consultants association
2001 - Acting editor-in-chief, Political Studies Monthly
2002 - Founder and director, apex development research institute
2006 - Chairman, advisory board, National Prospects Foundation

Today, we will talk about Kosovo. In February 2008, the Albanian provisional government in NATO-occupied Kosovo declared its independence. It was done without Serbia’s consent or UN approval. The new state was immediately recognized by the U.S. and a number of its allied states, including most of the EU. The expected resistance from Serbia failed to materialise, though Belgrade still refuses to recognize the secessionists. Today, a year after the secession, we’ll be talking about the situation around Kosovo and its ramifications for world politics with Edward Lozansky, president of the American University in Moscow and Aleksey Kuzmin, Chairman of the advisory board at the National Prospects Foundation.