Kosovo: Europe’s mafia state

Vladimir Ovchinsky, Advisor to the Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation
Head, Russian Interpol bureau, 1997-1999

1955 - Born in Moscow
1976 - Graduates, Omsk Higher School Of Police, Ministry of Internal Affairs, USSR
1976 - Joins Main Directorate of Internal Affairs, Moscow Region
1986 - Joins All-Russian Scientific Research Institute, Ministry of Internal Affairs
1992 - Assistant to First Deputy Russian Internal Affairs Minister
1995 - Assistant to Russian Internal Affairs Minister
1997 - Head, Russian Interpol Bureau
1999 - Observer of Law Related Issues, Moscow News Weekly
2001 - Vice President, Siberian Urals Aluminum Company Ojsc
2004 - Advisor to Chairman, Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation

After Kosovo unilaterally proclaimed its independence, there were many discussions concerning the legality and political consequences of this act. But one more important aspect of the in Kosovo problem are the extensive links of the Kosovo leadership with organised crime. To talk about this problem, our guest today is the former Head of the Russian Interpol bureau, Vladimir Ovchinsky.