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Konstantin Kosachev, Chairman, State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee; Chairman, Russian Delegation to PACE

1962 - Born in Moscow Region
1984 - Graduates, Moscow State Institute of International Relations
1984 - Deputy Director, Foreign Ministry of the USSR
1998 - International Affairs Council, Russian Prime Minister
1999 - Deputy Head, Secretariat of Chairman of the Government
1999 - State Duma Deputy
2001 - First Vice Chairman, Fatherland All Russia party, State Duma
2003 - Chairman, State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee   
2004 - Chairman of Russian Delegation to PACE
2005 - Elected Vice President, PACE

Today we are talking about top international events. As the 62th General Assembly is finishing its work in New York City, the autumn session of the Parliamentary Assembly is opening today in Strasbourg. To discuss the questions which are in the agenda of this two major international forums, our guest is Chairman of the State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee Konstantin Kosachev.

At 23:30 01.10.2007 Spotlight will present a new guest : Sam Green, Political Analyst, Member of Scientific Council of the Carnegie Moscow Centre.

Today we are talking about Ukraine.The first result of the snap parliamentary election, which was held on Sunday the 30th, is - that Ukraine is once again headed for days, if not weeks, of controversy over who will become the new Prime minister.   To discuss the latest developments in Ukraine’s politics, our guest today is political analyst Sam Green.