50 years of humans in orbit

­Dmitry Kondratiyev – Commander, Expedition 27 To The ISS
Aleksandr Ivanchenkov – Cosmonaut, Hero Of The Soviet Union

Today my guests are Dmitry Kondratiyev and Aleksandr Ivanchenkov.
Today the world’s celebrating 50 years since Yury Gagarin first went into space. In Russia the event’s called Cosmonautics Day, and the rest of the world knows it as Yuri’s Night. But whatever the name, this day is a milestone for mankind that proved it can make dreams come true. So, has space travel changed much in these last five decades? We’re joined by cosmonaut and Hero of the Soviet Union Aleksandr Ivanchenkov here, on Earth.. and the Commander of Expedition 27 to the ISS Dmitry Kondratiyev talks to us from the International Space Station.