Keeping social cohesion

Terry Davis, Secretary General, Council of Europe

1938 - Born in Stourbridge, England
1960 - Graduates in law, University of London
1962 - Postgraduate degree in business administration, University of Michigan
1971 - Becomes member of Parliament
1996 - Chairman, Economic Affairs and Development Committee
1997 - Vice president of parliamentary assembly, Council of Europe
2000 - Heads PACE Political Committee
2002 - Chairman, Political Affairs Committee
2004 - Elected Secretary General, Council of Europe

Today we will have a prominent guest from the Council of Europe. On February 26-27, Russia is hosting a conference of social welfare ministers from the Council of Europe member states. Is the social cohesion threatened by the economic downturn? Could human rights be hit hard by the financial troubles? We’ll be talking about it to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Terry Davis.