Japan nuclear crisis: industry's future questioned

­Valentin Ivanov – Deputy Minister on Atomic Policy, 1998-2002
Aleksey Yablokov – Environmentalist, Advisor to the Russian Academy of Sciences

Today we’re talking about the “Chernobyl Syndrome.” Following the explosions at a Japanese nuclear power plant, the Europeans are growing more fearful about their own nuclear reactors. A German poll says over a half of the country’s population wants all their 17 reactors shut down. In Japan, people are questioning their government, saying they are hiding the true scale of the nuclear catastrophe. This fear and mistrust is called the “Chernobyl Syndrome,” named after the disaster that struck Soviet Ukraine in 1986. Is history repeating itself and will nuclear power manufacturers survive this second blow? Here’re the ex-deputy minister on atomic policy Valentin Ivanov, and the environmentalist and advisor to the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexey Yablokov.