Igor Levitin, Transport Minister of the Russian Federation

1952 - Born in Odessa region
1973 - Graduates, Military School of Railway Forces, Leningrad, (now St. Petersburg)
1973 - Serves with the Soviet Armed Forces in Odessa and later with the Army Southern Division
1983 - Graduates, Military Academy of Logistics and Transport
1983 - Military Commandant, Railway Section and Ural Station, Baikal-Amur Mainline
1985 - Military Commandant and Deputy Head, Moscow Military Railway Communications Service
1994 - Member, Railways Reform Commission
1996 - Joins Severstaltrans steel company
1998 - Deputy General Director, Severstaltrans steel company
2004 - Transport Minister of The Russian Federation

Today we are talking about Russian roads. Russia is big, and a well-functioning means of communication is of paramount importance for the country. Nevertheless, the reputation of Russian roads is still pretty much the same, as it was a century ago. What is to be done and what is being done to improve the quality of Russian roads? To answer this question, our guest today is Transport Minister of the Russian Federation Igor Levitin.