"I don’t beat people up except in the movies": Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Lundgren, movie star and film director

1957 - Born in Stockholm
1980 - Graduates, Royal Institute of Technology
1980 - Wins Karate European Championship
1981 - Wins Karate European Championship for second year running
1982 - Masters in Chemical Engineering, University of Sydney
1985 - Film debut, KGB henchman, a View to a Kill
1985 - Stars in Rocky IV
1987 - First leading role, Masters of the Universe
1994 - Founding member, Group of Eight theatre group, New York
1996 - Team leader, Modern Pentathlon, Olympic Games, Atlanta
2004 - Directorial debut

Today we will try to find out why the world celebrities and Hollywood stars are becoming frequent guest in the Russian capital. What attracts them here in Moscow? Is it culture, business or something else? Our guest in the studio today is the world famous movie star and film director - Dolph Lundgren.