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Human trafficking: 21st century slavery

Valeria, Russian pop singer, IOM goodwill envoy

1967 - Born in Saratov region
1985 - Graduates, Saratov music school
1985 - Moves to Moscow
1990 - Graduates, Gnesin Academy of music, Moscow
1995 - Named "person of the year"
1996 - Teaches vocal techniques, Gnesin Academy of music, Moscow
1999 - Member, international union of musicians
2003 - Receives order "Revival of Russia - 21st century"
2005 - Awarded “Honorary artist of Russia”
2008 - Ambassador of Freewill, Unicef
2008 - Goodwill envoy, International Organisation for Migration

Alberto Andreani, Project Co-ordinator, Prevention of Human Trafficking in Russia and the International Organisation for Migration

1963 - Born in Italy
1982 - Joins Italian national police
1984 - Law degree, Italian National Police Academy
1983 - Task force leader, anti-drug crime department, Italian national police
1991 - Deputy head, anti-robbery unit, police crime headquarters, Italian national police
1995 - Legal Attaché, Italian embassy, Ukraine
1996 - Deputy Head, homicide unit, police crime headquarters, Italian national police
1997 - Deputy Head, organised crime unit, Italian national police, Florence, Italy
2002 - Head of investigations, Kosovo organised crime bureau, United Nations mission in Kosovo
2003 - Criminal intelligence analyst and head, task force against trafficking of human beings, central intelligence unit, Kosovo
2003 - Studies at the national criminal intelligence service of the United Kingdom
2004 - Law enforcement consultant, international Organisation of Migration (IOM), Switzerland
2005 - Law enforcement consultant, IOM, Georgia and Armenia
2006 - Training co-ordinator, promotion of human rights of victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation through legal and policy support, IOM, Cambodia
2006 - Project co-ordinator, prevention of human trafficking in the Russian Federation, Moscow

Today we talk about 21-Century slavery. On December 2 the international community observes International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. Despite centuries of prohibition, the shameful activity still exists. There's even a disturbing rise in contemporary forms of slavery, such as human trafficking and the sale of babies on the internet. How could the global economic crisis influence this alarming situation? What should be done to prevent it? We’ll be talking about it with - Alberto Andreani, Project Coordinator with the IOM, and IOM Goodwill envoy - pop singer Valeria.