Human Rights in Latvia

Tatyana Zhdanok, Member of European Parliament, President of European Russian Speakers Alliance

1950 - Born in Riga
1972 - Graduates, Latvian State University
1972 - Lecturer, Latvian State University
1980 - Receives Phd in Physics and Mathematics  
1990 - Member, Supreme Council of Latvia
1992 - Co-Chair, Latvian Human Rights Committee
1992 - Doctor of Mathematics
1993 - Adviser to Equal Rights Political Group, Saeima, Parliament of Latvia
1997 - Member, Riga City Council
1997 - Co-Chair, Equal Rights Party
1998 - Co-Chair, Union "For Human Rights in a United Latvia"
2004 - Member, European Parliament
2005 - President, Federation of Russian Parties of the European Union  
2005 - President, European Russian Speakers Alliance

In a rare triumph over injustice, a Russian Second World War veteran convicted and imprisoned for alleged war crimes by a court in Riga has won a rights case against Latvia in the European Court of Human Rights. But why do so many people in the Baltic states still struggle for their rights? What difficulties is the human rights movement confronting in Latvia and Estonia? Tatyana Zhdanok, a Member of the European Parliament, will answer these and other questions.