HeliRussia 2008: return of Russian helicopters

Mikhail Kazachkov, Chairman, Board of the Russian Helicopter Industry Association
1960 – Born in Nizhny Novgorod
1980 – Graduates, Minsk College of Civil Aviation
1980 – Aircraft mechanic, Murmansk Aviation Company
1984 – Engineer, Laboratory of Air Observation, Sevrybpromrazvedka
1986 – Graduates, Gorki Polytechnic Institute
2002 – Qualifies as helicopter pilot, Kaluzhskoe Flying School
2004 – General Director, Russian Helicopter Systems
2006 – Chairman, board of the Russian Helicopter Industry Association

From 15 to 17 May the International Exhibition of Helicopter  Industry – HeliRussia 2008 – is being held in Moscow. It's the first time that both Russian Mi and Ka helicopters and those made by Western manufacturers will be demonstrated in the Russian capital.  How do Russian rotary-wing machines look in comparison with recognised  Western brands?

To answer this question, our guest today is the Chairman of the Board of the Russian Helicopter Industry Association, Mikhail Kazachkov.