Guiliana Sgrena, a journalist

1948 - born in Masera, Italy
1974 - graduates, university of Milan
1980 - works for Guerra e Pace (War and Peace) weekly publication
1980 - co-founder of the Peace Movement
1988 - correspondent, Il Manifesto newspaper
2002 - journalist, Die Zeit newspaper
2005 - kidnapped in Iraq on February 4
2005 - released on March 4
2005 - awarded Cavaliere del Lavoro title on her return to Italy from Baghdad
According to the International Federation of Journalists the Iraq is the most dangerous place in the world. A couple of weeks ago another reporter was killed in Iraq - a Russian Photographer Dmitry Chebotayev. A year ago - four Russian diplomats were assassinated in Baghdad. Two years ago - the world followed the tragic odyssey of an Italian journalist - who was held hostage in Iraq for a month, and upon release - badly wounded by an American patrol on her way to the airport. Guiliana Sgrena - is our guest in the studio today.