Grigory Kubatyan, extreme traveller

1977 - Born in Leningrad (St. Petersburg)
1994 - Begins journalism career
1997 - Begins travelling
1998 - Tours Eastern Europe
1999 - Tours Africa 
1999 - Tours Crimea 
2000 - Graduates, St. Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics
2000 - Tours Africa
2000 - Member, Russian Geographical Society
2001 - Tours Australia 
2003 - Creates unknown World travel website
2003 - Unknown world tour
2005 - Antarctic expedition

What makes people leave their homes and families and travel around the globe, spending many months far away from their native places? What makes them visit remote, unfriendly and dangerous spots of our planet? What brings them to even sometimes risk their lives? Who are these people who call themselves extreme travellers? To answer these and other questions is the extreme traveller - Grigory Kubatyan.