Greatest game of all time

Aleksey Pajitnov, who invented Tetris 25 years ago

1955 - Born in Moscow
1979 - Moscow Aviation Institute
1984 - Creates Tetris
1991 - Moves to the U.S.
1991 - Designer, Bulletproof Software
1993 - President, Animatek Software Company
1996 - Joins Microsoft
2005 - Collaborates with Wildsnake Software
2007 - Receives award from Game Developers Choice

Today we will talk about a computer game. This game carries the titles of "Most-Played Portable Video Game", "Game With the Most Official and Unofficial Variants", and even "Longest Prison Sentence for Playing a Video Game". The name of the most-famous computer game is Tetris. Aleksey Pazhitnov, who invented Tetris 25 years ago, is our guest today.