Globalisation: threat or hope?

Alla Glinchikova, Anti-globalisation Sociologist, Deputy Director, Russian Institute for Studies on Globalisation and Social Movements

1961 - Born in Moscow
1983 - Graduates, Moscow State University
1990 - Receives PhD, Moscow State University
1996 - Senior researcher, political science department, Institute of Foreign Languages
2003 - Joins Institute of Globalisation Studies
2003 - Senior researcher, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences
2007 - Deputy director, Russian Institute for Studies on Globalisation and Social Movements
2007 - Assistant professor, Russian State Humanitarian University

Daniel Klein, Pro-globalisation Lawyer

1962 - Born in the U.S.
1984 - Graduates, School of Mechanical Engineering, Washington University
1987 - Graduates, New York Law School
1988 - Practices law, Pennie and Edmonds Intellectual Property law firm, New York
1987 - Admitted to several U.S. bars including the United States Patent Office bar
1993 - Graduates, London Business School
1994 - Patent lawyer, Bouju Derambure Bujnon, Paris
1996 - Managing director of Europe, Middle East and Africa, Hypercom Corporation, Paris
2000 - Director, Siemens VC, Vienna and Prague
2002 - Marketing director, Sprandi sportswear, Moscow
2004 - Joins Marks and Sokolov law firm
2005 - Joins Avenir Law Partners

Globalisation and the financial crisis are put under the microscope in the context of recent events, which have shown how interdependent the world is. Common values should unite people, but what about common losses, and who should be responsible for them?

Many blame globalistation. We analyse this and consider if the world has other options to develop? We discuss it with two people with opposing views on globalisation, Alla Glinchikova and Daniel Klein.