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Global financial crisis: Russia’s response

Evgeny Gavrilenkov, Managing Director and Chief Economist at Troika Dialog Group is a well-known expert on Russia's economy

1955 - Born in Moscow
1978 - Graduates, Moscow Aviation Institute
1985 - Receives his PhD in economics
1989 - Department head, main computer centre, Gosplan
1992 - Acting Director, Centre for Economic Analysis
1994 - Visiting Researcher, International Monetary Fund
1996 - Pro-rector, Higher School of Economics
1997 - Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Higher School of Economics Economic Journal
1997 - General and acting director general, Bureau of Economic Analysis
1998 - Director, Institute of Macro-economic Research and Forecasting
2000 - Visiting Professor, Sorbonne Pantheon, Paris
2002 - Chief Economist, Troika Dialog

Today we will talk about problems in the world economy. On September 15, Dmitry Medevedev met the Russian business community for the third time this year. The President has promised Russian business there will be no shortage of bank finance due to the negative impact of the global financial crisis. In what way will Russia’s economy meet the turbulence hitting world financial markets? Which steps will the Russian Government take? The final decisions will be taken on Thursday at a meeting in Sochi, when the Russian business elite will discuss the burning issues with Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin. Today we will be discussing them with leading Russian economist Evgeny Gavrilenkov.