Gazprom: melting the ice?

Sergey Kupriyanov, Gazprom spokesman

1974 - Born in Smolensk region
1996 - Graduates, Moscow Physicotechnical Institute
1996 - Department chairman, Sobolev Consultation agency
1997 - Member, editorial board, Equity Market magazine
1997 - General director deputy, Business Relations agency
2000 - Chief editor, deputy and then head of analytical services, RTSB Publishing House
2000 - Chief editor, Company Management magazine
2003 - Press secretary to management committee chairman and deputy head, Information and Communications Department, Gazprom

Today our guest is Sergey Kupriyanov. Year after year, the Christmas holidays for many are spoiled by the disruption of Russian gas supplies - through Ukraine - to European consumers. Could this happen again this season? Our guest today is the one who should know.