Gazprom: Direct speech

Aleksandr Medvedev, Deputy Chairman, Gazprom Management Committee, Director General, OOO Gazprom Export

1955 - Born in Sakhalin Region
1978 - Graduates, Moscow Physics and Technology Institute
1978 - Joins foreign economic relations department, Moscow Institute of Global Economy and Foreign Relations, USSR Academy of Sciences
1989 - Director, Donau-Bank AG and managing director, inter trade consult branch, GMBH, Austria
1991 - Director, Imag Investment management and advisory group GMBH, Austria
1997 - Vice president, Vostochnaya Neftyanaya Kompaniya, Moscow
1998 - Director, Imag Investment management and advisory group GMBH, Austria
2001 - Acting member, International Academy of Investments and Construction Economics
2002 - GAZ export director general and member, Gazprom management committee, Moscow
2005 - Deputy chairman, Gazprom management committee and director general of OOO Gazprom Export

Today we will talk about Gazprom. An agreement signed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counter-part Yulia Timoshenko put an end to the bitter gas row between Gazprom and its Ukrainian counterpart. What caused the crisis? Are there guarantees that the row won’t erupt again? And how is the gas giant coping with the global economic crisis? The man with the answers is Aleksandr Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee and Director-General of its exports.