Galina Chekhovskikh, “Doctor of the Year 2006”

Galina Chekhovskikh
1947 - Born in Altay region
1971 - Graduated from Altay State Medical University
1971 - Doctor, local hospital, Altay region
1973 - Doctor, regional hospital, Altay region
1988 - Head of Therapeutic Department, Polyclinic of the Central Region Hospital, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area
2007 - Awarded Best Doctor of Russia 2006
Being a doctor at a provincial hospital can sometimes be a difficult task because of the low salary and limited career prospects. However, this has never deterred Galina Chakhovskikh. She grew up in a small Siberian village and when she was a child, she dreamt of going into higher education and becoming a doctor. She combines administrative duties at a regional hospital with her work at a private medical practice. Her work occupies most of her time but Galina can always afford to spend an hour or so, reading her favourite novels by Dostoevsky or poems by Lermontov.
Russia has named the best doctor in the country. The problems and achievements of the Russian Public Health System will be revealed by “Doctor of the Year 2006”, Galina Chekhovskikh, on Spotlight.