French-Russian tug of love

Andrey Knyazev, a well-known Russian barrister

A very unusual case of criminal law, where young children are kidnapped by their own parents, has been making headlines recently. The story of Elise André, the three-year-old girl with dual French-Russian citizenship who has been kidnapped multiple times by her parents, is all over the front pages in Russia, France and Hungary. On Wednesday, April 15, a court in Hungary ruled that Elise's Russian mother, Irina, should be extradited to France. In the meantime, Elise has been taken back to Paris and is now with her French father Jean-Michel Andre. Does this mean that poor Elise has lost her mother? Or is there still a chance for a compromise? We’ll be discussing these questions with Andrey Knyazev, a well known Russian barrister.