Free press for sale?

Aleksandr Lebedev, Owner, Evening Standard newspaper, Chairman, Board of Directors, National Reserve Corporation, President, New Media holding

1959 - Born in Moscow
1982 - Graduates, Moscow State Institute of International Relations
1993 - Board chairman, Russian Investment Financial Company
1995 - Head, Foreign Investments Directorate, Imperial Bank
1995 - Board chairman, National Reserve Bank, Moscow
1998 - Member, Ukrainian president investment council
1999 - President, National Investment Council
2003 - Loses mayoral election, Moscow
2003 - State Duma deputy, Moscow
2009 - Signs a deal to acquire a majority stake in the evening standard newspaper

Today we will talk about “free tabloid press”. Aleksandr Lebedev has just bought a majority stake in London’s Evening Standard. The Russian billionaire bought the tabloid for the next-to-nothing “nominal sum” of one pound. Lebedev, who made his fortune in banking, owns a stake in the Novaya Gazeta daily. Most curiously, Mr. Lebedev is a former KGB officer and once served in the Russian embassy in London. Why did he decide to buy a British newspaper? Is he going to create a global media business, buying more titles in the UK and around the world? We're about to find out - Aleksander Lebedev is our guest in the studio today.