Fragile peace after the war

President of South Ossetia, Eduard Kokoyty

1964 - Born in Tskhinval, Georgia
1980 - Champion, Georgian SSR national wrestling team
1988 - Graduates, pedagogic institute, Tskhinval, Georgia
1989 - First secretary, Tskhinval branch of the Komsomol, Young Communists League
1992 - Moves to Moscow
1993 - Elected to South Ossetian parliament
1997 - Appointed trade representative of South Ossetia to Russia
1999 - Leader of the South Ossetian representation
2001 - Moves back to South Ossetia
2001 - President, South Ossetia

South Ossetia was the scene of bloody military conflict in August, after Georgia launched a military assault. Since then an uneasy peace was established, EU monitors were deployed, and Russia officially recognised South Ossetia’s independence. But is there a risk of a renewed bloodshed? Will the truth about the war be established by an international inquiry? Has the life of people there recovered after the devastation of the war? We’ll be talking about it with the President of South Ossetia, Eduard Kokoyty.