Five months in pirates’ captivity

Viktor Nikolsky, captain of MV Faina

1947 - Born in St. Petersburg
1966 - Graduates, St. Petersburg Marine College
1969 - Head, Baltic Ship Company radio station
1997 - Navigator, Unikom
2000 - Graduates, St. Petersburg State University of Aquatic Communications
2005 - First mate, Unimar
2008 - Chief mate, Waterlux
2008 - Chief mate, MV Faina
2009 - Captain, MV Faina

Today we will talk about 21st century pirates. The merchant vessel Faina was released earlier this month after 5 months in captivity. When hijacked, the vessel was carrying large amounts of Ukrainian weaponry, including 33 tanks. It was manned by a crew of Ukrainians, Russians and a Latvian. Some 3 million $US was paid in ransom to free the Faina, though the captain of the Faina died of a heart attack while in captivity. The man who took over aboard ship was Viktor Nikolsky - and he is our guest today.