Financial crisis: what are the consequences?

Egor Gaidar, former Minister of Economic Development and Finance Minister, is now the current Director of the Institute of the Economy of the Transition Period

1956 - Born in Moscow
1978 - Graduates, Moscow State University
1980 - Receives PhD in economics, Moscow State University
1980 - Research fellow, scientific research institute
1987 - Department head, Communist monthly magazine and Pravda daily newspaper
1990 - Director, Institute of Economic Policy, Academy of the National Economy of the USSR
1991 - Deputy Chairman, Russian government
1991 - Economy and Finance Minister of Russia
1992 - Acting prime minister of Russia
1992 - Counselor to the president of Russia on questions relating to economic policies
1992 - Director, Institute of the Economy of the Transition Period
1993 - First deputy Prime Minister of Russia
1994 - State Duma deputy
1994 - Chairman, Democratic Choice of Russia political party
1996 - Vice president, International Democratic Union
1999 - Member, State Duma, Federal Assembly of the Russian federation

Today we will talk about the crisis. The Russian stock market has experienced a major slump following the bad news from the international equities markets. How bad is it for the Russian economy as a whole? We’ll be talking about it to a man, who, as prime minister, led Russia through it's worst financial crisis so far - Egor Gaidar.