"Federation will ruin Russia": presidential candidate Zhirinovsky

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Candidate, Russian presidential election, March 2, 2008

1946 - Born in Almaty
1969 - Translator, Soviet Foreign Economic Relations Committee, Turkey
1970 - Graduates, Oriental Languages Institute, Moscow State University
1970 - Joins army as a lieutenant, Caucasus military district
1975 - Joins Office of the Dean of Foreign Students, Higher School of the Trade Union Movement
1977 - Law Degree, Moscow State University
1983 - Head, law department, Mir publishing house
1989 - Co-Founder, Liberal Democratic Party of Russia
1990 - Chairman, Liberal Democratic Party of Russia
1991 - Runs for president
1993 - State Duma Deputy
1996 - Runs for president
2000 - State Duma Deputy Speaker
2000 - Runs for president
2008 - Candidate, Russian presidential election

Russia has scheduled its next presidential election for March 2. Four candidates were approved by the Central Election Commission on the 27th of January. Who will take the hottest seat in Kremlin? Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the showman of Russian politics, one of the 4 candidates and leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia is the guest in our studio today.