FBI: Federal Bureau of Incrimination?

Denis Sugrue – Author, ‘The Russians Are Coming’

‘The Russians are coming’ was a famous American catchphrase during the Cold War. It described (and usually mocked) fears of the US-Soviet standoff and its related intrigues. The Cold War is over, but the spy games seem to be continuing – sometimes, even innocent bystanders get sucked in. A few years ago, the FBI arrested an Irish businessman for allegedly spying for Russia. He was caught completely unaware, because he hadn’t actually committed any crimes. He was finally released, but it took extensive time and effort for him to prove his innocence. So, how does it feel to find oneself in the middle of a spy scandal? And why did an innocent man have to work so hard to prove he was not a Russian spy? Here to tell you the story is the man himself: Mr. Denis Sugrue.